Most unusual signs of pregnancy

Where's the bathroom?

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We often think of the woman who is nine months pregnant running to the bathroom every hour, but that need can start from the very beginning. Because of new hormones and increased blood volume, you'll be running to the bathroom more even in the first trimester. Even though it's annoying, make sure to keep drinking water. You'll feel better, and it will prevent the other bathroom problem you'll be battling. Only pregnant women know the joys of too much number one and not enough number two. Pregnancy causes our joints and organs to relax. This is helpful when it's time to fit a 7-pound baby out, but not so much when our digestive tracts slow down. When we eat, our systems are slower to move food along. That leads to an upset stomach and constipation. Try to get plenty of water and stay active to get things moving. If that doesn't work, your doctor could recommend a medication to offer some relief.