7 Sexy Workouts to Improve Your Love Life

Striptease Aerobics

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Popularized by the classic musical Gypsy, striptease has found its way from men’s clubs into fitness centers. “It’s a sweet, sexy alternative to the traditional fitness classes of yesterday,” notes Jiggins. If you want to learn this sexy exercise in the privacy of your own home, there are many DVDs available, including a popular series from Carmen Electra. And once you master the workout, Jiggins estimates you’ll burn about 500 calories per session. In fact, one of Jiggins’ most enthusiastic students is Victoria Nodarse, 38, who works as a fundraiser for a nonprofit. “When I first started, I walked into the ‘Striperella’ class and I was a little embarrassed, but I’ve found it to be really amazing," Nodarse says. "These classes have absolutely helped improve my body and strength — no question. You want to go because it’s fun and you pick up all these little tips, so you know your moves look sexy.”