Top 10 must-see places worldwide

#3 Dead Sea, Middle East

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The Dead Sea is shrinking due to water management in the hot, dry countries that surround it. It may even disappear in as few as 50 years so this is a must-see with a deadline. Entering the extremely salty waters (eight times saltier than the sea) is an experience in itself - firstly because it is velvety-soft, secondly because any tiny little cut will sting like heck and thirdly because all pain disappears in the wonderment of being weightless in water. It's not just the fun of super-buoyancy that makes the Dead Sea worth a visit though. Smother your body in Dead Sea mud, and the green goo is said to take 10 years off you. You can also say you've been to the lowest place on earth as the shore is 420m below sea level.