Actors Who Died During Production

#1. Jon-Erik Hexum


An unintentional gunshot wound to the head on the set of the CBS adventure series Cover Up killed Hexum in 1984, writes Access Atlanta. He played Mac Harper, the Green Beret-turned-model in the TV show that delved into international mystery and fashion photography. According to Entertainment Weekly, Hexum had been napping on October 12, 1984, during delays in filming. When he learned there would be more delays, he jokingly picked up a .44 Magnum pistol loaded with blanks, said ”Can you believe this crap?” and pulled the trigger. The blast’s impact fractured his skull, which drove a bone fragment the size of a quarter into his brain causing massive bleeding. He was rushed to the hospital where surgery was performed, however, he remained comatose and was then pronounced brain dead on October 18, writes Entertainment Weekly. Cover Up, a show about a fashion photographer and veteran special forces soldier who went on missions around the world, continued production with a new actor, but never made it past the first season.